Alura Smith – Alura Smith is an Orthodox Christian layman converted from Catholicism and Methodism, as well as a student of Early Medieval Europe. Alura’s primary interest is Orthodoxy in the Germanic successor states of the Latin West during the first millennium.




FB_IMG_1502884136604Craig Truglia – Craig Truglia is an Orthodox Catechumen in the Orthodox Church of America. He only recently began the process of conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy after studying Church history for several years. Previously, he was a Calvinist. For this reason, much of his writing pertains to clearing up Protestant misconceptions about Orthodoxy. Much of his other writings pertain to church history itself. He has done substantial work on a commentary to Irenaeus’ Against Heresies and enjoys commenting on the writings and religious practices of the early church fathers. His sole scholarly contribution (published by the Philosophy East West Journal, “Al-Ghazali and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on the Question of Human Freedom and the Chain of Being”) pertains to the history of Neoplatonism.


Father+John+Peck+ProfileFr. John Peck – Director of the Preachers Institute, priest in the Orthodox Church in America, award-winning graphic designer and media consultant, and non-profit administrator. BlogFacebookTwitter



RczXhiQ8Fr. John Whiteford – Fr. John Whiteford is the pastor of St. Jonah Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Spring, Texas. He is the author of Sola Scriptura: An Orthodox Analysis of the Cornerstone of Reformation Theology, published by Conciliar Press, and the general editor of the St. Innocent Liturgical Calendar. Fr. John also jas a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, called From the Amvon.


FB_IMG_1502883997025Fr. Joshua Schooping – Fr. Joshua Schooping is the rector at St. Sophia’s Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Kissimmee, Fl. Married, he has three lovely children. He also has a Masters in Divinity and a Masters in Theology from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary.





311059			 Reverend	 Laurent Cleenewerck Eureka	CA  2015 All America Council Orthodox Church in AmericaFr. Laurent Cleenewerck – Fr. Laurent is an academic and theologian, serving as professor of international administration and theology for EUCLID (Euclid University), and on the faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University and Humboldt State University. He is the rector of Eureka Orthodox Church. He and his family currently reside in Northern California.





FB_IMG_1502853418289 (1)Seraphim Hamilton – Seraphim Hamilton is a Masters student in Early Christian Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He converted to Orthodox Christianity in 2009 from an evangelical background, and his principal interest is the relationship of the inspired Scriptures to a fully-orbed Christian theology, demonstrating that the Scriptures, interpreted on their own terms, are in perfect and beautiful congruence with the fullness of Orthodox teaching and represent, as St. Maximus taught, the verbal incarnation of the Divine Logos, so that they are the written word of God. His other interests include Mormonism, Islam, and philosophy, especially the beauty of the synthesis of classical metaphysics and Christian theology called by Fr. Georges Florovsky “Christian Hellenism.”