Response to James White on Orthodoxy

The following is a contribution by Seraphim Hamilton. The original may be found here.

I have uploaded this video:

As a commentary to some relatively recent comments on Orthodoxy made by James White on his program “The Dividing Line.” This video is not intended as a rebuttal to his comments, but as a commentary on his perceptions of Orthodox theology, an exploration of the way Orthodox theology is sometimes exposited in the West and how it leads to misunderstandings, and some responses to his criticisms of Orthodoxy. In responding, I attempt to articulate a doctrine of Scripture and tradition that is consistent with what the Fathers taught about the authority of both, suggesting a qualified version of prima scriptura as the classical Christian doctrine of Scripture. That is, Scripture is generative of tradition and materially sufficient, yet tradition is inspired by the Holy Spirit and as such, draws out the inner content of Scripture in a way that is necessarily true.

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